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The Day After Samantha

by fyarlgiles


the sting of her


in my sleepy


for days.

— eyelashes

batting slowly

— golden collarbones


and resting—–




blurs of

what Life

————--should be

– ” The Day After Samantha” by Angie Hoover-Hillhouse

Artwork: Native Elephant by Cassidy Rae Limbach

The Women

by fyarlgiles


The women

are made of

heaven’s ruby lips

and honey-colored stares–

——–They are



that prickle covered arms

 in the brisk night air-


——— those



that  warm dead fingers

with the electricity




but deep

in the bones of their pretty feet


in the pits

of their brown bellies

is a passion sickened

and pale.

-Too old and beaten

to come

to life

for me.

-Angie Hoover -Hillhouse


by fyarlgiles


buried in fever

buried in pain

dragging her feet through the mud

—–in the rain

her toes digging slowly

hands shrouded in shame

while the hum of


dulls in her veins

–flesh peeling

flesh crying

flesh tired and stiff

and a still-beating heart

black and hungry

for death

Undead by Angie Hoover- Hillhouse

Artwork: Smoke by Jumpstick

With the Princess

by fyarlgiles


after the war

I buried my eyes

-in the stones

-in the sky

where her blue body lies

They draped her in petals

as white as the moon

to soften the sins



—from her wounds


her secrets

 smell pinkish

like strawberry wine


I see

the foul rot

that will

cloak her

in time

With the Princess by Angie Hoover-Hillhouse

I am a Professional Zombie VOL I.

by fyarlgiles

I am a professional zombie

Being a zombie has been a huge part of my life for the past three years.

It’s strange. I never watched zombie movies growing up. Even now, I don’t care for them too much. I mean, sure, after my first stint as the undead on stage, I tried to watch ‘Night of the Living Dead’ and a much more palatable ‘Zombieland’. And I’ll admit to being addicted to whatever Netflix will serve me up of the ‘Walking Dead’. But zombies don’t interest me much more than the average person. In fact, on ‘Deadliest Warrior’, when they pitted zombies against vampires, I was rooting for the vampires.

So why do I do it?

This is me getting my zombie make up done by famed artist Gary Tunnicliffe. He’s also done make up like this :

Not that I’m attempting to name drop or anything (yes I am). But this is what I turned out like :

That day I got to rip out Scott Ian’s neck with my teeth, and learn valuable tools for adding to my already extensive zombie-makeup knowledge. (The tragedy is I had just gotten my teeth whitened the day before. Poor planning on my part.)

Some helpful hints for good zombie make-up :

* Start with pale skin. Something off-color, like a sickly white, a gray, or a stale light green will be ideal. You don’t have to cover your skin, but key points, such as the cheeks, forehead, and lips will work fine.

* You don’t need contacts, but they help.

* Favorite make-up palate : Ben Nuy’s bruise palate. A mix of those four colors will make you look like the undead in no time!

* Find a way to make your facial characteristics look inhuman. Pale out the mouth, use black and dark shades to make your nose look deformed, or the symmetry of your face to be disturbed.

* A little blood and dirt never hurt nobody. Slather some on in key places for the finishing touches.

* Ultimately, zombie make up is about your own creativity. Feel free to take risks, use different colors, use veins, gashes, cuts, and dirt to your own creative fulfilment. I’ve never met two zombies that look exactly alike. So remember, when it comes to being a zombie, you can be whatever you want to be.

by Vanessa Cate

The Last night.

by fyarlgiles


When she vanished

-for the first time-

-for the last time-

I  could not help but swallow a chalky lump

of relief.

And I’m not sure how it happened but

now I am

 engulfed in a

soapy rose–

that dribbles

into my mouth

in  spindly Ribbons.

It burrows in my ears

and toes

 in rumpled gobs that whisper

and whoop


 there is a

A fog inside

that I cannot


“Lady in Waiting” by Angie Hoover Hillhouse

Artwork: Lost in the World by Filmout

Thought Through

by meaghanmerrifield


eyes illuminate

below the calculated flicks of elongated lashes

bold brows raise sharply

in a delicate distraction

 as fragile fingers begin

to put into play

plans half-thought through

“Thought Through” by Meaghan Merrifield

On the Side of the Road

by fyarlgiles


yesterday, on the car ride home,

I had to pull over and

imagine you

slipping your slight fingers

under my shirt and over my fluttering heart-

I let my eyes roll inwards

and back

 to that blinking

 jungle of cobweb confusion

that blossoms

in your body

between sleep and sight.

Where everything flashes

then falls


and limp.

“I had to” by Angie Hoover-Hillhouse

Artwork: Wildwood by Elle Hanley

On Your Merry-go-round

by fyarlgiles


I see that it is me

I am running after.

soft, bowed legs

flat, smacking feet

and a lung inflated by the the pinching mist

of your marigold perfume.


I live in

circles within circles in  a Nowhereland–


 as long as the haze of your touch


in my chest,

I am happy to spin

like a carousel horse

with a pole





“Spun” by Angie Hoover-Hillhouse

Artwork: A Delicate Balance by Morgan Kendall

True Seeing

by fyarlgiles


the curtain that I peer through is Ivory

not white-

 so when your legs tremble

in your back’s lonely slouch,

I see in them

the earthiness of light brown. And you are

  a little biege feather

quivering in anticipation of the morning breeze.

And this

and this

 is more soothing

than the truth.

“Through the Window” by Angie Hoover-Hillhouse

Artwork: The Velvet Darkness of his Mind by Morgan Kendall