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COME PLAY WITH US 10/31-11/2

Halloween-themed art, articles, poetry and more all weekend!


Upcoming Themes:


Way of the Future: Obsession

Pieces that look at ambition, fixation, neuroses, and superstition

Best Friends Forever:

Looking at portrayals of female friendship

Under the Influence:

addiction, fantastic drug trips, infatuation and more


Reoccurring Features:

We are based in Los Angeles, so our posting schedule follows Pacific Standard Time

Weekend Free-for-All

Miscellaneous artwork that is not theme-related.


Loaded Quotes

personal reflections on excerpts from our favorite written works

Art Heap:

collections of artwork that are posted without commentary/caption/poetry

Cinema Surreal

surreal short films, animation, and found footage!



We are always looking for pieces that compliment each other, and we love to share the combinations that we come up with. We combine music with artwork, literature with photography, … we just enjoy mashing different mediums together in an effort to bring new meaning to the pieces.

Girls On Film

Offering theme-related posts about film & television



Conversations with The Nerd Guru 

Illustrated, theme-related conversations between Angie (editor in chief of the show tell project) and Mitch Schiwal,Dungeon-Master, comic book expert, and Guru of all things awesome.




One is the Loneliest Number 8/7-8/17

Looking at isolation, imprisonment, abandonment, and separation.


They’re All Going to Laugh at You 7/15-7/25

Featuring the Early Short films of Louis C.K. 

Named for the famous line in Brian DePalma’s rendition of Carrie, this theme will take a look at anxiety, vouyerism, and fear of judgement as well as unconventional pieces (poetry, short dramedies, prose)  by our favorite stand-up comedians.

BeFunky_basic instinct design

Basic Instinct

7/1 -7/11  A collection of work which explores primal urges, repression, human nature,  and survival.


PIECES OF US: 6/8-6/18/2013

 Our first series,  “Pieces of Us”, was born from our inability to complete about 85% of the projects that we begin. Through a combination of journal entries, unfinished artworks, and photography, this collection will explore how the fragmented nature of imagination can make creation a much more intuitive process than completion.

Photo by Alison McPherson

pieces of us

Excerpt from Interview with an Artist: Mitch Schiwal

ANGIE: […] There is also this unsettling feeling that lurks like a shadow as you get closer and closer to completing your piece. You just start to feel like […] to complete the work is to take away its life. Pair that with the obvious insecurities that come with self-expression and your enthusiasm kind of evaporates.

MITCH: hmm its not that dramatic for me… it doesn’t feel like a death… it feels… melancholy becausewhile it is finished, its potential is at its end. it has accomplished all it ever will, and depending on my laziness and or lack of talent… it probably didn’t end up fully realized in a meaningful way that lives up to the inspiration that gave birth to it.

 To view the collection, select “Pieces of Us” from the Categories menu at the bottom of the page.

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