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Sea of Poppies

by meaghanmerrifield

poppies II

seductive syrupy sea

embraces heavily

crimson encircles the body slowly

how sweet

to dream


“Sea of Poppies” by Meaghan Merrifield

“Poppies II” by Marta Wakula-Mac

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Top 5 Submission Guides & Writing Resources for Poets/Authors

by fyarlgiles


Top 5 Tuesdays

Top 5 Internet references for Writers and poets who want to improve and submit their work



This site is extremely useful.  It offers information about where and how to to submit poetry and fiction work. The site also provides answers to common questions about submitting and guides for formatting.


Close the pop-up window when you reach the site in order to access content.

This website is no longer updated at this address, but I offer this link because it allows you to view content without becoming a member. Script Frenzy is very useful to all writers. It offers writing guides that focus on every form of creative writing as well as recommendations of free and cheap writing software.



By far one of the best places to visit if you are interested in finding high quality literary magazines to read and submit to. This site allows you to browse a directory of lit mags, contests, and other content. It also offers basic writing guides and forums where you can receive feedback on your work.


This site provides free resources for authors seeking representation as well as instructions for new writers who are unfamiliar with the query process. The search is very simple, and the agents are listed by the genres that they represent.


This is an excellent site for playwrights who do not have the ability to produce their own work. It offers solicitations for plays. These calls often ask for plays  of specific lengths on specific themes. It’s helpful in that it can provide direction to those who are struggling to write something new.

Hearing Her

by fyarlgiles


To Hear Her

 it all returns.

the dark room,

the shrinking veins,

the strong, rageful pumping at her center

it travels like wind

here and then gone

waking and sleeping on a clock of it’s own

Hearing Her by Angie Hoover- Hillhouse

I wrote this several months after my girlfriend broke up with me in 2004. It’s probably published in my high school livejournal along with other evidence of teenage angst. We all used to feel our feelings very publicly in those days. I’m sure I wrote this hoping that she would contact me out of pity. Now I’m marrying a man, and she’s teaching english to impoverished Ecuadorian children.

Artwork by Leigh Viner

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Swallowed by the Dragon by Angie

by fyarlgiles

“Swallowed by the Dragon” Excerpt by Angie Hoover
I churned with the black in the belly of this beast. Swaying in bile as thick and dark as the oil of the Earth. After some time, I stopped swimming and sank. How peaceful it felt to stop clawing at the walls of her stomach. staying afloat was not worth the struggle. I would drop into her deep. I’d get smaller and smaller and then I would melt. I’d be liquid in liquid. Blood in blood.


Artwork by Angie Hoover-Hillhouse

This came to me like a comforting memory. I don’t know what that says about me. I almost feel like it is a complete work because it has such a clear beginning and end in my own mind.

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Unrecorded Song

by fyarlgiles

the bitter kiss of compromise

stained your lips and stole your voice

you’re a stranger I’m a ghost

and i can’t reach through all your noise

I’d float through all our clouds of smoke

That’s if I felt I had a choice 

Every morning I feel older

dark nights crawl, and warm days race

you’re so black and I’m too blue

our bed is such a lonely place 

Every day we wake up dry

in fields too brown for rain to save

sleep in weeds until we die

sleep in weeds until we die


Time will bury girls and boys

paint their minds then blow away

I was bright and you were new

I was a poem yesterday

now cut my skin or kiss my mouth

The notes I sing are always gray 

and every time you looked at me

My eyes were hard

My eyes were drained

My eyes were nothing much

 My Eyes by Angie Hoover-Hillhouse

This song is about my relationship with my first live-in boyfriend after we grew tired of each other. I just remember scrubbing plates in our kitchen thinking, everything in my life is losing color but at least I can look out the window while it happens. Years after we broke up, I started  working on an album and wanted to capture that feeling in a song., but the chords I wrote felt very repetitive and didn’t really capture the mood accurately, so I scrapped the project.

Untitled Sketch drawn while listening to Kid A

by Angie Hoover-Hillhouse

Unfinished Lyrics for Captain Crow

by fyarlgiles

His ruined ears can hear no truth

His soiled hands can share no warmth

I know his eyes seem soft at times

but they’ll steal what’s good in you

you’re just his fool

you’re just his fool

dance a jig to make him laugh

you’re just his fool

his loyal fool

Good Old Captain Crow


Your pity gets the best of you

that crooked fool you see is you

i know he’s lonesome, lost, and blind

but you can’t bring him back to life

“Captain Crow” from unfinished musical titled A Woman Made Cold 

& Partial Portrait of a Man by Angie Hoover-Hillhouse

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Verse from A Woman Made Cold

by fyarlgiles

 You can’t offer men that which is tender and warm

When your heart is so spoiled it curdles fresh blood.

When your footsteps are warning of mercilous storm

and your souring milk tastes of cold bitter mud.

Once a beautiful flower now drowning in waste

while the fields that surround you flourish in light

that which can feed you, you fear for its taste

So you comfortably rot in the darkness of night

Opening Poem for  an unfinished musical titled   A Woman Made Cold.

 by Angie Hoover- Hillhouse

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