The Way it Happened


Cold sands


over dents and dunes

silent as death


only my chilly lips between to feel them pass–

At once, light

and stiff- a densely packed strip of shoreline

 separating east from west.

spit from swallow

speak from sleep.

I recognize this place.

It is where pale

strands of life


on my nose

exhausted after being pulled

and stretched

It is where fingers sag limp

from grasping the wind

too tightly.

And you cannot help me

because only I am here

with my voice

breaking against that relentless wind

that tells me

I can never know the truth

though it is buried somewhere near

“The Way It Happened” by Angie Hoover-Hillhouse

Artwork by Agnes Cecile 



with a dark fiery flourish

everything collapses

slow and unsteady

the biting beat

emanating from sour souls slipping to sleep

once bold



unapologetically indulged

slurped up the spit of the sea

blew bubbles at the sky and laughed as it cried

earned exquisiteness

all ends should be so utter

so complete

“Flourish” by Meaghan Merrifield

“Die in Despair / Live in Ecstasy” by Eugenia Loli–Live-in-Ecstasy_Print