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Eye am Abundant

by fyarlgiles


“Eye Spy” by Steven Quinn


In Golden Glass

by fyarlgiles



Artwork by Leigh Viner

Hands Across the World

by fyarlgiles


He’s got the whole world

in his hands

Artwork: “The Revolution Has Started” by Hugo Barros

Empty Beds and Unmade Heads

by fyarlgiles


Empty beds

and unmade  heads

skitter through the

unpaved streets

Photo from Hairspray edited by Angie


by fyarlgiles


reflect, reflect

my hollow heart

in fields of hot

and yellow death

look out, look out

upon decay

and swallow lumps

of silent calm

we’re two, we’re two

half living parts

that drink in dust

and bow our heads

we’ll crack we’ll crack

but never break

just hang in dusk

for all is lost

Eternity by Angie Hoover-Hillhouse

photo: “Metaphysical Liberatarianism” by Suzanne Koett

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Vintage Peach

by fyarlgiles



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Images of Summer

by fyarlgiles



Images of Summer

Photos by Noel Alvarenga 

Collage: Cynthia

by fyarlgiles


I think collage is really honest. We connect to it in  a lot of ways because it’s inherently disconnected pieces that are all thrown– or even organized together to attempt to create some cohesion and meaning.

Caption by Meaghan Merrifield 

Artwork: “Cynthia” by Cardboard Cities 

Cardboard Cities Shop:

Everything’s Blue in this World

by fyarlgiles


Beauty is mysterious;

finding mere pieces of Her is all we can ever hope to do.

In an effort to understand how truth and beauty are created, we regularly break down large perplexing works into more manageable pieces.A novel is merely a group of chapters, which is a group of paragraphs, which is a collection of sentences, etc. All interesting subjects become the victims of criticism, the Self included.

The artist’s perception of the world cannot be separated from her perception of self. Ultimately, she is another mystery  worthy of dissection and interpretation.One whose smaller parts offer glimmers of truth that can be seen, but never truly captured.

photo by Jaq Vega

journal by Angie Hoover-Hillhouse