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The Walls We Are Inside

by fyarlgiles


For the man who doesn’t need me,

I am a million wanting hands growing from stones

too hard

and impenetrable to sprout

anything at all.

Against me, an ocean.



It is a mirror

unconcerned with the self I want to see


I am facing the wrong direction

and so is he.


I am an open mouth

wrinkling for lack of moisture and he is the whale’s tail

fanning warm, salty air against my tongue.

It is then, that wet and dry are the same to a wanting body

and survival

is in a difference I refuse to know.

If only I could sink beneath the water

where his eyes are.

Would I know him then?

-Angie Hoover

Art: Goodbye by Michael Harford

Our God is an Awesome God

by fyarlgiles


The bodies have been thrown,

face down,

in the dusty, amber mud.

Their boneless chests

and  pale, pearl bellies


like dying vines

over silent hills–


arms outstretched

in praise of a master

both dead

and alive

in the heartless sky

“For Him” by Angie Hoover-Hillhouse

Artwork: “The Hills” by Patty Maher