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Art Heap: Lost Lines

by fyarlgiles



there are

minds ————-lost

in the

  fairy-fizzled fog.












Bring Me Back



Artwork by Jumpstick

I am you

by fyarlgiles


There is a  mountain

betwixt the hearts of lovers

That cannot be climbed

nor eroded

by the prickles of hail

It sits

through iron-willed blizzards

and roaring fires.



None have tried to break it

or tunnel through it’s chest

Instead, they dream right passed it

and so

it falls

 to dust.

“Betwixt Lovers” by Angie Hoover-Hillhouse

Artwork by Ayman Zedani

Paradise to Keep

by fyarlgiles


A piece of Morning dove in

to splash my chest with fresh sea salt.

I ran my naked fingers over her


swollen with rainwater

but soft,

for she was cloaked

in wispy cotton


and flecks of broken sun.

My head was plain

before today,

but its flame has been rekindled.

For she will forever

wriggle playfully between the dips in my knees

spreading sunshine over

my brown bones

“A Piece of Morning dove in” by Angie Hoover-Hillhouse

Artwork by Sarah Cruce


by fyarlgiles


Let this Hell be our Heaven

-Richard Matheson

Artwork: “Dreams” by Belen Segarra:

Progress by Athalia Johnson

by fyarlgiles


“Progress” by Athalia Johnson

 I feel that’s it’s harder to begin a project because it’s frustrating to work out which part to work on first and create the structure for what will become a finished piece. Finishing a project is easier because you’re adding details and final touches and are more clear-headed about what you want the final outcome to be.

Visit Athalia’s blog here:


A Woman Made Cold Short Story

by fyarlgiles

She had endured a life seated in unparalleled heartbreak. She was not born hard; she was a woman made cold by circumstance.


She walked up to the door… her black leather heels digging deep into the softening oak beneath her. She didn’t knock. Her steps were authoritative without being obnoxiously loud.  She seemed emotionless but if you looked hard enough you would see that her compassion ran deep. She had endured a life seated in unparalleled heartbreak. She was not born hard; she was a woman made cold by circumstance.

Excerpt from “A Woman Made Cold” original short story

by Angie Hoover-Hillhouse

This story is still unfinished. It comes to me in pieces that may or may not ever fit together, but I suppose that is the nature of inspiration.

Untitled Artwork by Vanessa Cate 

No Room for Pierre

by fyarlgiles


No Room for Pierre by Angie Hoover-Hillhouse

I started with the cartoon of the  lonely, french babyman. When he was done, I noticed that his expression was very dreary and  disheartened, so I added the tub filled with others just like him enjoying a group bath. The backgrounds that I drew ended up distracting from the absurdity, so I moved on without completing the piece. I really would like to blow it up and hang it in my kitchen one day.

Interview with an Artist: Alison

by fyarlgiles


Interview with an Artist: Alison McPherson 

 the closer I am to finishing something, the more I ruin what it could potentially have been if I didn’t finish it.

ANGIE: Do you have any thoughts on why art is often left unfinished?

ALISON: When I draw, it’s like something is both intoxicating me and pulling me along with its momentum. I stop when that feeling stops.


ANGIE: Do you feel like you usually finish your creative writing projects?

ALISON: The shorter ones, yes. The longer ones, never. And finish isn’t really that set in stone. It’s more  “presentable”. I might go back to it later.

ANGIE: Do you think there is something in you that resists completing the project on some level?  My friend Mitch and I were talking about how finishing a project sometimes feels like accepting a death.

… an anticlimactic death

ALISON: I feel that way with more complex pieces. It’s very much reminiscent of Lost in Translation. Sometimes the potential of a piece is more exciting than the execution and the closer I am to finishing something, the more I ruin what it could potentially have been if I didn’t finish it.

artwork by Alison McPherson

Alison’s Blog:

Untitled Image

by fyarlgiles


There are four red finger swipes essentially dissecting this girl, but these marks are simply there to set the mood, which they do. It’s an emotional piece… one that makes me think of abuse and how it leaves one broken.

Untitled Image by Vanessa Cate 

Journal by Mitch Shiwal


by fyarlgiles


Sketch &  Journal by Mitch Schiwal 

The sketch was called “Partheniad”. The concept was to draw someone bearing stigmas of a sexual nature. However the subject of the piece was not a sexual being, rather a virgin. Because fuck preconceptions.

Partheniad: A poem in honor of a virgin.