The Kind of Love Your Mother Felt

Time will bury girls and boys

paint their minds 

then blow 


I was bright– and you were new

I was a poem yesterday


 cut my skin– or kiss my mouth,

The notes I sing are always 

gray.—and every time you look at me

My eyes 

are nothing much

the bitter kiss

 of compromise

 stained your lips 

and stole your voice

you’re a stranger.

 I’m a ghost.

and i can’t reach 

through all your noise

I’d float through all our clouds of smoke

—that’s if I felt I had a choice


Every morning, I feel older

dark nights crawl, 


warm days race

–you’re so black and I’m too blue 

our bed

 is such a lonely place.

Every day we wake up dry

in fields too brown for rain to save


–sleep in weeds until we die


–sleep in weeds until we die

-Angelisa Miranda

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