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Sunday Funnies: I am not an Animal

by fyarlgiles


Kitteh People by Eugenia Loli


Owls are Cool by Ashley Percival


Mr Walrus by Animal Crew


Fish Bowl TV by Vin ZZep


Night Smoke by Eric Fan


Mr Rhino by Animal Crew

Cinema Surreal: The Cat with Hands

by fyarlgiles

A few nights ago, I was lucky (or unlucky) enough to view this horror short. It is about a cat who lives in a well and steals human body parts so that he can become a man.┬áThe film is loosely based on Mit Romney’s Life Story

Happy Halloween!!

Quintin the Homosexual Kitty

by fyarlgiles


Quentin the Homosexual Kitty by Angie Hoover

I created Quentin and designed a series of gay males that I planned to put into a cardboard dollhouse & take photos. I wanted to do a series. The first of which would have been called “”Quentin ┬áThe Homosexual Kitty’s Big Gay Cupcake Party”

Photo by Beth Raper