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I love Nipples

by fyarlgiles


“September 2012” by Alison McPherson

Alison and I bonded over our obsession with incorporating breasts and penises into our artwork. We also bonded over the feeling of subtle horniness & extreme emptiness incited by Mad Men.


Alison’s Blog:

Untitled Image

by fyarlgiles


There are four red finger swipes essentially dissecting this girl, but these marks are simply there to set the mood, which they do. It’s an emotional piece… one that makes me think of abuse and how it leaves one broken.

Untitled Image by Vanessa Cate 

Journal by Mitch Shiwal


by fyarlgiles


Sketch &  Journal by Mitch Schiwal 

The sketch was called “Partheniad”. The concept was to draw someone bearing stigmas of a sexual nature. However the subject of the piece was not a sexual being, rather a virgin. Because fuck preconceptions.

Partheniad: A poem in honor of a virgin.


by fyarlgiles


I am terrible at drawing backgrounds, so I usually just cut out my drawings and stick them in ziplock bags. by Angie Hoover-Hillhouse