Maybe, like alchemy


there are different ways to concoct a love.

Recipes (Mix one or more, and let simmer – longer for more flavor):

– A brief encounter with a person of beauty, whom you cannot have.

– A friendship that roots like oak, bearing understanding and acceptance.

– Exceptional physical chemistry which dares to maintain despite all else, and which excites curiosity.

– Respect that is reciprocated.

– A requited longing.

– Laughter that grows, not diminishes.

– Mutual goals and complimentary talents, resulting in a smart partnership.

– An adhering to a set of ideals which render love and commitment the only option.

– A drug you find in each other.

– Gratitude so deep you would give all of yourself to repay, but it isn’t enough.

– Being overpowered – for once – and liking it.

– A taste for something you cannot get elsewhere

“Maybe, like alchemy” by Vanessa Cate

Artwork: htrspltn by Filmout

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