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Sketch on Moldy Paper

by fyarlgiles


Untitled Sketch by Alison McPherson

Alison’s Blog:

Untitled Doodle

by fyarlgiles


Pencil Sketch by Alison McPherson

Alison’s Blog:

No Room for Pierre

by fyarlgiles


No Room for Pierre by Angie Hoover-Hillhouse

I started with the cartoon of the  lonely, french babyman. When he was done, I noticed that his expression was very dreary and  disheartened, so I added the tub filled with others just like him enjoying a group bath. The backgrounds that I drew ended up distracting from the absurdity, so I moved on without completing the piece. I really would like to blow it up and hang it in my kitchen one day.


by fyarlgiles


Sketch &  Journal by Mitch Schiwal 

The sketch was called “Partheniad”. The concept was to draw someone bearing stigmas of a sexual nature. However the subject of the piece was not a sexual being, rather a virgin. Because fuck preconceptions.

Partheniad: A poem in honor of a virgin.


by fyarlgiles


I am terrible at drawing backgrounds, so I usually just cut out my drawings and stick them in ziplock bags. by Angie Hoover-Hillhouse