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Jealous Sea

by meaghanmerrifield


the sherbet sky burns over the bruised mountains below

while the jealous sea thrashes about frantically

with watchful swollen eyes

and tired blood that no longer has strength to flood

legs stand

flacid arms fall

faint memories of when we

we were once able

to embrace it all

“Jealous Sea” by Meaghan Merrifield

Artwork by Angie Hoover-Hillhouse


by fyarlgiles


reflect, reflect

my hollow heart

in fields of hot

and yellow death

look out, look out

upon decay

and swallow lumps

of silent calm

we’re two, we’re two

half living parts

that drink in dust

and bow our heads

we’ll crack we’ll crack

but never break

just hang in dusk

for all is lost

Eternity by Angie Hoover-Hillhouse

photo: “Metaphysical Liberatarianism” by Suzanne Koett

Suzanne’s Shop:

Sammy and Myself: Noel’s Test Subjects

by fyarlgiles

This was Noel’s first experiment with stop-motion film.

The film is composed of thousands of photographs.

Allowing for seeds of time to be captured

while many others are lost.
as in life.

Music: Jonsi- Go Do

This Old House

by fyarlgiles

Boarded up and left alone

quietly sleeping on the hill

.drafty windows.

.weeping willow.

where I used to be

she’s not so sad to me, no.

she’s not so old to me


squeeking doors and scuffed up floors

tattered drapes

torn from their rods

songs and lies down every hall

but still there’s sweetness in this dust

Unfinished Song by Angie Hoover-Hillhouse

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Funk Soul Brothers

by fyarlgiles


“Funk Soul Brothers” Uncolored Pencil Sketch

I think I drew this after watching the episode of 30Rock where Liz Lemon reveals that she ate  her twin in the womb.

by Angie Hoover-Hillhouse

more of Angie’s artwork here:

Unrecorded Song

by fyarlgiles

the bitter kiss of compromise

stained your lips and stole your voice

you’re a stranger I’m a ghost

and i can’t reach through all your noise

I’d float through all our clouds of smoke

That’s if I felt I had a choice 

Every morning I feel older

dark nights crawl, and warm days race

you’re so black and I’m too blue

our bed is such a lonely place 

Every day we wake up dry

in fields too brown for rain to save

sleep in weeds until we die

sleep in weeds until we die


Time will bury girls and boys

paint their minds then blow away

I was bright and you were new

I was a poem yesterday

now cut my skin or kiss my mouth

The notes I sing are always gray 

and every time you looked at me

My eyes were hard

My eyes were drained

My eyes were nothing much

 My Eyes by Angie Hoover-Hillhouse

This song is about my relationship with my first live-in boyfriend after we grew tired of each other. I just remember scrubbing plates in our kitchen thinking, everything in my life is losing color but at least I can look out the window while it happens. Years after we broke up, I started  working on an album and wanted to capture that feeling in a song., but the chords I wrote felt very repetitive and didn’t really capture the mood accurately, so I scrapped the project.

Untitled Sketch drawn while listening to Kid A

by Angie Hoover-Hillhouse