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Not Stand-up Comedy: Louis CK’s

by fyarlgiles

“Ice Cream” (1992)

Starring his stand-up buddies Laura Kightlinger and Craig Anton, “Ice Cream” is a riff on Golden Era Hollywood films, and it’s the first short to net Louis C.K. a lot of attention. “Ice Cream” played at the Sundance Film Festival and the Museum of Modern Art in 1994. On getting into Sundance, Louis C.K. said, “I got really lucky. It was like the biggest deal of my life when I got that.” The movie was shown on TV in Europe and on US cable networks like IFC and Bravo and won C.K. the Grand Prize at Aspen Shortfest. Most importantly, however, is that C.K. included the movie as part of his submission to be a writer for Late Night with Conan O’Brien, which became his first big TV job. C.K. says the fact that he made his own films impressed O’Brien and then-headwriter Robert Smigel and, along with his reputation as a stand-up, was largely responsible for him getting the job.

(Taken from Splitsider)

Art Heap: Sunday Funnies

by fyarlgiles


Simply Irresistible by Kelly Puissegur  


Catture Part II  by Eugenia Loli


Catalogo de Animales  by Catriel Martinez


Time Takes a Cigarette by Sammy Slabbinck


Wish You Were Here by David Delruelle

Sunday Funnies: Ask Albert

by fyarlgiles


Once you can accept

the universe


matter expanding into nothing–that is something,

wearing stripes with plaid comes easy.

Albert Einstein 

Photo by Talins

Sunday Funnies: Penny Farthing

by fyarlgiles


“Penny Farthing” by Eric Fan

Sunday Funnies: Frankly, My Dear

by fyarlgiles


“Mr Frank” by Victor Vercesi

Sunday Funnies: Sibling Rivalry

by fyarlgiles


“Fighting Nuns” by Kelly Puissegur

Rodent Moon

by fyarlgiles


“Bayside High” by Pope Saint Victor


by fyarlgiles


Today concludes our second series, Basic Instinct!


Stay tuned for some pretty cool stuff, including several of

Louis C.K.’s Early Short films!


Coming Up:

They’re All Going to Laugh at You 7/15-7/25


Named for the famous line in Brian DePalma’s rendition of Carrie, this theme will take a look at anxiety, vouyerism, and fear of judgement as well as unconventional pieces (poetry, short dramedies, prose)  by our favorite stand-up comedians.

I want to mention that we have a lot of cool stuff for this collection including several of

Louis C.K.’s early short films!

We can’t wait to share!


Way of the Future: Obsession

Pieces that look at ambition, fixation, neuroses, and superstition

Artwork by Steven Quinn:

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