Observation of a Man in a Diner


He walks into the diner, alone, but he looks around.

Blue flannel and jeans, stringy brown hair, all 1990’s.

He sits in a booth by himself

Pushes his silverware out of the way,

And covers his eyes with his finger tips for a time

— Perhaps as respite,

Perhaps meditative.

His right leg bounces, dirty jeans,

Dirty under the nails, dirty tennis shoes.

He has ordered a coffee and a mimosa, but I can’t help think he is too young.

He feels a little better once he gets his food.

His leg stops shaking.

He smiles at a girl passing by, who doesn’t notice him.

“Diner Observation #1” by Vanessa Cate

Artwork: The Undone by Charles Wilkins

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