Our L.A. Event Picks: Week of 7/1


July 4 from 2pm-5pm: $12

Lost & Found Film Club, a monthly showcase of ephemeral, industrial, and educational 16mm films, salutes some of the things  that make this country great: Burgers? Check. Sparklers? Check. Amber waves of film grain from sea to shining sea? Double check.



May – Sept @ Los Angeles County Museum of Art

The exhibition Hans Richter: Encounters examines the  career of painter, filmaker, and writer, Hans Richter, as both an innovator and a collaborator for the first time.



7/5-7/6 at 8pm: $12-$150

Looney Tunes projected on a giant  screen, with their exhilarating scores played live by the Los Angeles Philharmonic.


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