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True Seeing

by fyarlgiles


the curtain that I peer through is Ivory

not white-

 so when your legs tremble

in your back’s lonely slouch,

I see in them

the earthiness of light brown. And you are

  a little biege feather

quivering in anticipation of the morning breeze.

And this

and this

 is more soothing

than the truth.

“Through the Window” by Angie Hoover-Hillhouse

Artwork: The Velvet Darkness of his Mind by Morgan Kendall

Art Heap: Out of Place

by fyarlgiles


Broccoli Hands by Sarah Cruce


Pear Picker by Bene Rohlman


Salt Water Grazing by Sarah Cruce


Space Cowboy by David Delruelle


God Bless by David Delruelle