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The Cure

by fyarlgiles


days after

that faint burn

of  pleasant Green swirls into

her lungs–

She is chilled by

a blood-tangled emptiness

That pulls her

into lost weeks

where she is

a crumpled lump


in her own foul water

“Nothing Stays Away” by Angie Hoover-Hillhouse

Artwork: “Triform” by Cassidy Rae Limbach

Never Neverland

by fyarlgiles


Original Sketch for a painting I made for my grandma


What draws us to Odd Proportions

by fyarlgiles


Drawings by Argentinian Illustrator, Catriel Martinez

 In life, the external form does not  indicate the internal form. Appearances are almost always deceptive. But in art, appearance is all that exists. The internal and the external are one in the same. These characters are deformed by most standards, but they still have an uplifting quality. Their quirky little faces with lopsided eyeballs and large swirly noses are sweet, genuine reflections of what people really are: a complex marriage of  flaws and strengths that reflects a familiar sort of beauty.



The pink paper above contains my own doodles, many based on designs of his, others exact imitations. 

More of Catriel Martinez’s work Here:

We Could Be Heroes

by fyarlgiles

979757_10151641353502430_570903689_n 975322_10151641353497430_1725648142_n


The first one is a quick sketch of Captain Marvel, the current female comic book. The other one is really old and I barely remember it… Pretty much just my love of old styles and steampunk.

 Superhero Sketches by Mitch Schiwal 

Tell her what She’s won, Pat!

by fyarlgiles


by Angie Hoover-Hillhouse

Violet and her Dog

by fyarlgiles


“Violet and her Dog” by Angie Hoover-Hillhouse

When I worked as an Executive Assistant a few years back, I had days where I worked until my brain turned into farts followed by days where I could draw in my office for hours without getting caught. One afternoon I drew about 40 different alien/monster/creature-things and left them on desktops and toilets. This one was pulled from that bunch.

The Ballad of Smee

by fyarlgiles



There once was an Ogre named Smee

Who had a blue mustache that grew on his knee

He washed it

and combed it

and shined it with wax

Til he smashed it in band with his new tenor sax

Artwork & Silliness by Angie Hoover-Hillhouse

Self- Portrait: Angie

by fyarlgiles


Self-Portrait by Angie Hoover- Hillhouse

I love Nipples

by fyarlgiles


“September 2012” by Alison McPherson

Alison and I bonded over our obsession with incorporating breasts and penises into our artwork. We also bonded over the feeling of subtle horniness & extreme emptiness incited by Mad Men.


Alison’s Blog:

Early Designs for Earth Day Poster

by fyarlgiles


Beginnings of Earth Day Poster that I never Made by Angie Hoover-Hillhouse