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Love’s Sting

by fyarlgiles


Climb a mountain

with the thorns

of singing roses

on your lips

kiss me slowly

true and quiet

so I’ll learn

the pain of love

Poem by Angie Hoover-Hillhouse

The Truest Thing We’d Ever Known by Cardboard cities 

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Hearing Her

by fyarlgiles


To Hear Her

 it all returns.

the dark room,

the shrinking veins,

the strong, rageful pumping at her center

it travels like wind

here and then gone

waking and sleeping on a clock of it’s own

Hearing Her by Angie Hoover- Hillhouse

I wrote this several months after my girlfriend broke up with me in 2004. It’s probably published in my high school livejournal along with other evidence of teenage angst. We all used to feel our feelings very publicly in those days. I’m sure I wrote this hoping that she would contact me out of pity. Now I’m marrying a man, and she’s teaching english to impoverished Ecuadorian children.

Artwork by Leigh Viner

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