The Show Tell Project

For Seymour's Fat Lady

Alone Again, Naturally

by fyarlgiles


A green eye nestled between faceless,




as lonely as a mountain.

Beaten, stained,

and abused

by the wandering wind,


crumbles into sand

 that rests

beneath the heaviness of the ocean.

I am a rock.

“Along the Ocean Floor” by Angie Hoover-Hillhouse

Artwork: Thief of the Sun by Tijani Djindjic

Maybe, like alchemy

by fyarlgiles


there are different ways to concoct a love.

Recipes (Mix one or more, and let simmer – longer for more flavor):

– A brief encounter with a person of beauty, whom you cannot have.

– A friendship that roots like oak, bearing understanding and acceptance.

– Exceptional physical chemistry which dares to maintain despite all else, and which excites curiosity.

– Respect that is reciprocated.

– A requited longing.

– Laughter that grows, not diminishes.

– Mutual goals and complimentary talents, resulting in a smart partnership.

– An adhering to a set of ideals which render love and commitment the only option.

– A drug you find in each other.

– Gratitude so deep you would give all of yourself to repay, but it isn’t enough.

– Being overpowered – for once – and liking it.

– A taste for something you cannot get elsewhere

“Maybe, like alchemy” by Vanessa Cate

Artwork: htrspltn by Filmout

Forget Forever

by meaghanmerrifield


sticky lids give way

no match for the stupid strength

of curious children

eager to consume colors

the colors

which they were promised would swirl


slow to a still

but unwise eyes shut as quickly as they open

sick from

leaking fat pinks

blubberous boiling blues

seeking to settle back

into beds they remembered to be warm

to forget forever that raging storm

“Forget Forever” by Meaghan Merrifield