The Show Tell Project

For Seymour's Fat Lady

Deathless Spin

by meaghanmerrifield


“Anxiety is the dizziness of freedom.” Soren Kierkegaard

Artwork by Adam Minorczyk

Await Anxious

by meaghanmerrifield


the discomfort of familiarity with consistency

gnaws at necks

slides down the spine

and taunts with time


hours would fly then fall

wine white would bloom burgundy  blood

pale purple cotton clouds would wave through black blue skies

memories would meld with dreams

and dance in the lush possibility of each impossibility

the dulled murky mind longs to return to such a time

when i was mine

“Taunting Time” by Meaghan Merrifield

Artwork by Marko Koeppe

Art Mash: Monkey See, Monkey Vroom

by fyarlgiles


“Giant Monkey Bike” by Steven Quinn


1970s Kinks Promo of Apeman

Mirror Mirror

by meaghanmerrifield


it’s unclear

as to why

every mirror


on throwing your face

in front of me

“Mirror” by Meaghan Merrifield

Artwork by Carrion House


by meaghanmerrifield


with a dark fiery flourish

everything collapses

slow and unsteady

the biting beat

emanating from sour souls slipping to sleep

once bold



unapologetically indulged

slurped up the spit of the sea

blew bubbles at the sky and laughed as it cried

earned exquisiteness

all ends should be so utter

so complete

“Flourish” by Meaghan Merrifield

“Die in Despair / Live in Ecstasy” by Eugenia Loli–Live-in-Ecstasy_Print