The Show Tell Project

For Seymour's Fat Lady

Show Him Every Star

by fyarlgiles


For the first time,  I cradle him

he is dense and warm like a loaf of  freshly baked bread

The smell of life


to take shape

envelops me in a puff


coral wind

as  planets curl and twist

on the horizon

 I show him where the soil turns

and softens in the rain

so that beauty may bloom

He too

was once a bud

waiting to come forth

in the tender light of June

“Show Him Every Star” by Angie Hoover-Hillhouse

Artwork by Bene Rohlmann:

The Beat Goes On

by meaghanmerrifield


we are now and ever will be apart


i must endure

the maddening rhythm

the poorly timed beats

of this atrophied heart

“The Beat Goes On” by Meaghan Merrifield

Artwork by Colette Saint Yves

A Very Blustery Day

by fyarlgiles


 a glorious  gust

of bellowing wind

swept me up

and blew me round

through honey-colored

dew and lace

 above the tame and hollow town

the thrill of flight

was full

but brief

for dust that travels

with the breeze

must always settle in the ground

in cracking bricks

of dismal peace


Artwork: “Flying High” by Vin Zzep:

The Last Swim

by meaghanmerrifield


indulge in the shallow pleasure of swimming on your surface

the gorgeous pressure of diving deep

the beautiful inability to breathe

evades me

your simple swells

your storms so brief

if only some salacious satisfaction were to lurk beneath

“The Last Swim” by Meaghan Merrifield

Artwork by Alicia Ortiz

The Nerd Guru: Zombies & Primal Instincts Blurb

by fyarlgiles


Zombie Fiction is escapism that allows someone to become something more primal. Ironically though, I am not speaking of the zombies. It creates an environment of peril where murder is not only condoned, it is necessary. You are allowed to release your primal nature upon your fellow species without fear of moral or ethical judgement. Essentially, you are allowing the casual bystander to be a killing machine. No longer are they restrained by their sedentary lifestyles, now they are free to become survivors because, deep down, everyone thinks they can be badass if given the opportunity.

– Mitch

Wise Old Sea

by fyarlgiles


 A resentful heart

 splintered and stale

settles slowly

like the angry tides

that thrash before the radiant sun

then smack the shore

tired and defeated

but wiser than before

“Wise Old Sea” by Angie Hoover-Hillhouse

Artwork by Sarah Cruce

The Basics

by meaghanmerrifield


“In art as in love, instinct is enough.” Anatole France

Artwork by  Alex Eckman-Lawn