The Show Tell Project

For Seymour's Fat Lady

The Long Goodbye

by fyarlgiles


sleep a while,

 heavy soul

weary traveler

red and old

bury burdens in the sand


that sleep

will make you whole

“The Long Goodbye” by Angie Hoover-Hillhouse

Artwork: Bene Rohimann:


The Dragon

by fyarlgiles


breaths of flame

that hunt and sting

wound the wicked

and the pure

for her body,

sheathed in glamor,

lusts for choirs

of agony

pierced and beaten

by the brave

who broke her slumber with their swords

now hate

and scorn

are in the blood

that feeds her heart

and burns for more


by fyarlgiles


Let this Hell be our Heaven

-Richard Matheson

Artwork: “Dreams” by Belen Segarra:

Silent Death

by fyarlgiles


Frozen pond

with face of blue

iced and rigid

in the night

winter’s spell

upon it’s skin

even when

the sun shines bright

more warm than death

more cool than life



love’s eternal frost

Zombie Series Postponed

by fyarlgiles

In the interest of continuity, we have decided to publish The Golden Age of Zombie Apocalypses during our Halloween Series.


-Angie & Meaghan 

A Girl and her Fox

by fyarlgiles


Don’t be fooled

by the fox that I got

I’m still

I’m still

Jenny from the block.

Artwork by Angie Hoover-Hillhouse

The Storm

by fyarlgiles


emerald castles torn from earth

thrash above us


beasts and belles

 together fly

like sparrows

in her rageful eye

 though mother’s  mouth

is strong as steal

it wilts and dies

like you and I

when things come down

we’ll rest with her

in satin sheets

so tenderly

“The Storm” by Angie Hoover-Hillhouse